Newbie questions


I’m new to this (VOiP) and I want to install an asterisk system @ home, that will be able to communicate and call over the analog phone (using my current number).

So here are my questions :

  • What kind (specific) equipement/cards do I need ?
  • Can I use my analog phone device for the asterisk system ?


what is this analog phone device? follow the links in my sig line tons of info there.

At the moment we are on the normal phone system (phone numbers like 123-123-1234 ) but I want to plug the phone using those numbers to a new asterisk system, and then from the asterisk system to the internet and to the ( 123-123-1234 ) phone network.

I don’t know if you understand me, and pardon me for my bad english… I am french…

go to the first post in this forum there are several links in it to help you get started as far as hardware for what you are wanting to do see below … ct=TDM400P

I think I know what you want to achieve.

Please be aware that I’m not an expert yet in Asterisk, I’ve been only playing with it for a couples of weeks now… really exiting stuff! But since we want to implement it in our business, I’m the one in charge of the project… So I’ll probably be able to help you out more a bit later! Oh and by the way, I speak french to! :wink:

For the hardware part, first comes first, it pretty much all depends on your needs. I mean if it’s for personal use, I got a Wildcard X100P for 30$ on Ebay. Yeah I know, it’s cheap and it’s worth what it’s worth, but hey, for testing purposes it’s okay. Now for the office, we use a TDM2400P as well as a TE411P Quad T1 from Digium. We also tried mediatrix 1124 as well as Mediatrix 1500. There’s alot of different brandname out there…

Thanks for the quicks answers!

Well, at work, they want me to implement it. They currently got a PBX (hardware), and I got few questions about it again heh

  • How do we make Asterisk work with our current PBX.
  • How do I make the current analog phones work with Asterisk.
  • Do I need to buy a Wildcard X100P for each analog phone to a pc ?
  • What do we need to buy, and the less expensive stuff…

Anwyay, DonFoucker, is there a way I can contact you (email, instant messenger, etc…) let me know…

Thanks again !