module is not loading?

when i try to run ‘sip reload’ command on Asterisk CLI it gives “no such command exist”. i start troubleshooting and after searching the errors in the full log i found following error:
ERROR loading module ‘’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory
how to solve this issue??

Is the file actually there? If not then it wasn’t built with your Asterisk (what version are you using?)

the file does not exist in ‘/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/’ directory. iam using asterisk 13.8-cert4 version

The certified release is traditionally for support agreement customers, as a result any module which is not supported under that agreement is not built by default. This includes chan_sip. You have to manually go into “make menuselect” and enable it.

but chan_motif and chan_pjsip are not supported because XXX are the prefixes instead of [ ]. is chan_pjsip==chan_sip?? if so then how to enable it???

The chan_pjsip and chan_sip modules are two completely separate implementations. If chan_motif and chan_pjsip have “XXX” it means that dependencies for building them are not present. For PJSIP you can also use bundled[1] to make it easier. I’d also suggest using the latest version of certified.


as i have already installed asterisk server so how to bundel it with PJSIP? i have tar.gz file of PJSIP, by untaring and running make install, will it automatically bundle Asterisk server with PJSIP( i mean there will become [ ] instead of XXX prefix) or is there any other method for it???

[EDIT]: i have to use Asterisk-13.8-cert4 and could not use latest version

You have to rebuild Asterisk either way. The blog post I linked shows how to use bundled. It’s an option passed to the configure script which automatically downloads, builds, and uses PJSIP in Asterisk.

hope i will install it now.thanks alot for your kind responses…