Start One Touch Recording without DTMF

While trying to get One Touch Recording going in the most non invasive way with Asterisk 16.2.1 and Snom 360 phones, I stumbled across this. Enabling automixmon => *3 in [featuremap] of features.conf works fine, as long as I manually dial *3 during the call (given, I’ve provided “x” option in Dial() command), or assigning DTMF *3 to the record key, and pushing it.

This has the disadvantage of replaying the *3 DTMF sound to the other party, which I would want to suppress. Background: my family is suffering from a coward fraud attack with regular phone calls by constantly changing callers since weeks.

The snom phones have a record button, that sends a related SIP message to Asterisk (v16.2.1), and Asterisk notes this correctly:

[2019-07-04 18:42:57] WARNING[23339][C-00000001]: chan_sip.c:22664 handle_request_info: Recording requested, but no One Touch Monitor registered. (See features.conf)

So this issue boils down to: how can I teach Asterisk to enable recording using this very SIP message?


automixmon => *3


; dial internal extension
; ${ARG1}: extension (eg. PJSIP/123&PJSIP/124)
exten = s,1,NoOp()
 same = n,Dial(${ARG1},30,x)
 same = n,Hangup()

SIP recording message

[Jul  4 19:14:37] <--- SIP read from UDP: --->
[Jul  4 19:14:37] INFO sip:001234567890@ SIP/2.0
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-jcekbpiscxen;rport
[Jul  4 19:14:37] From: <sip:000413123456@;line=gk6co7l0>;tag=fqz3z4z6pl
[Jul  4 19:14:37] To: <sip:001234567890@>;tag=as5aa7eef2
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Call-ID: 4beff379151d97b756fa32af6abeef2c@
[Jul  4 19:14:37] CSeq: 3 INFO
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Max-Forwards: 70
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Contact: <sip:000413123456@;line=gk6co7l0>;reg-id=1
[Jul  4 19:14:37] User-Agent: snom360/8.4.35
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Record: on
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Content-Length: 0
[Jul  4 19:14:37] 
[Jul  4 19:14:37] <------------->
[Jul  4 19:14:37] --- (11 headers 0 lines) ---
[Jul  4 19:14:37] Receiving INFO!
[2019-07-04 19:14:37] WARNING[23785][C-00000001]: chan_sip.c:22664 handle_request_info: Recording requested, but no One Touch Monitor registered. (See features.conf)

Why not record all calls in this case?

Change the DTMF mode to sip info

Thanks for your suggestions, @johnkiniston and @ambiorixg12

The solution to my problem was simple:

recordonfeature = automixmon
recordofffeature = automixmon

in sip.conf.

Yes, we poor snom phone users need to stick with sip, since pjsip doesn’t support the extended call takeover, that makes snom phones so valuable…

Interestingly, Asterisk carries features, that more often than not reveal with grepping the source package only!

And since this thread will dissolve in a month, this solution will vanish as well.
Evil to him, who evilly thinks a relation…

And this is further impaired from the fact, that the web is dominated from superficial knowledge, especially with strong moving projects over a long period of time such as this one…

The thread won’t dissolve. It will just be closed to new postings. I think that was done as a result of a lot of peole posting to zombie threads (including, but not only, link spammers).

(Although possibly not exactly what I meant, I find that a lot of superficiality is the result of commercialism. Often I find that the same superficial information is repeated all over the place an it is impossible to find any deep information. A lot of third party pages are there to get you to the advertising rather than provide real knowledge One of the big advantages of open source is that the deep information is, there, but most users don’t have the code reading skills to find it.)

On pjsip you have

;record_on_feature=automixmon ; The feature to enact when one touch recording
; is turned on (default: “automixmon”)

;record_off_feature=automixmon ; The feature to enact when one touch recording
; is turned off (default: “automixmon”)

Just dont know it works at the level of chan_sip using ‘Record: on’ head from an INFO message

Good to know. Thanks, @david551

Unfortunately, often Asterisks own documentation makes it hard to extract the essentials as well.

Works perfectly well. It was just hard to knot the loose ends…

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