Anyone get 'record' button working on Snom360?

Hi all,

I am mainly using Snom360’s for test purposes because they’re easy to debug. They are supplied with a ‘record’ button. Anyone know how to allow this button to be pushed to record a conversation?

First, make sure you have features compiled in. In features.conf you have to set a key combination for automon, i.e.:
automon => *1

Then go into the snom phone and configure the record key to send out dtmf, with the string “*1”.

Finally, in your extensions.conf file, under [globals] be sure to add:

Should work just fine.

Thank you for your knowledge,

I’ve configured these parameters in my system. While in a call, I hit the DTMF button assigned to *1 and I hear a two-beep melody. Does this mean from here on the convo is being recorded?

And to what location is it being recorded? (i.e. How would I retrieve this recording and play it back in the future?)

Also, Is there a setting for auto record? Is there a way to set it so that every call is automatically recorded and saved to a location for future listening?


Log into asterisk’s command shell (“asterisk -r”). Turn up the message verbosity by “core set verbose 10”, then place a call, and during the call hit “record”. You’ll see asterisk respond and show you the name of the file it creates, which is normally located in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and should begin with “auto-”. Press record again and the recording should stop.

once the recording is saved is it possible for the recording to be emailed to the user just like voicemails ?