One touch recording

On Asterisk 1.2.6 I’m having problems getting the one touch recording to work. I have checked features.conf and 'automon=*1". I have in the global area of extensions “DYNAMIC_FEATURES=>automon” and for my dialplan I have something like the following:

exten => s,1,set(TOUCH_MONITOR=“wav,incoming_${CALLERIDNUM},m”)
exten => s,2,Dial(${HOME},rotTwW)

When I call in I see that TOUCH_MONITOR is being set to the correct value. I then press ‘*1’ and I see:

– Attempting native bridge of SIP/out-9e19 and SIP/home-b784

I then wait and hang up the phone. When I do I’m unable to find a 'incoming_out.wav" file or any “incoming_*.wav” anywhere on the file system. Am I’m doing something wrong?

EDIT: I have been able to get this to work. But it did not use my file name it used the default name. Any idea what I’m doing wrong in the set command?

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Don’t have it bumped. Tell us what you found so that we don’t have to suffer when we do it.

I try a number of different things. And I’m back to where I started. The only real ssue I found is that the other end (I have been calling ‘time’ at 768900) must have answered the phone before I was able to get the one touch recording to work.