Specify Music on Hold in a dial string

Hi all

we currently have 5 different calls queues configured on our Asterisk box all playing the same MOH message.

we also have a sales office whose calls are not brought in via a queue but go straight to a Internal extension via

is there a way of specifying within a dial string which music on hold to use?

i know you add the “m” to the dial string to specify music on hold but its when the user whose calls do not come in via the queues but the caller on hold, it is this music that i would like to specify

if all that makes sense!!



for queues its

music=default ; or what ever music context you set up

for calls to extensions.

its adding SetMusicOnHold(context)
to the dial plan for that call

Hi Ian thanks for the reply

i have just litrally stumbled upon…

The way you would specify what hold music would be used is by calling SetMusicOnHold() before your Dial statement, like this:

exten => 100,1,SetMusicOnHold(Tiny_Tim) Exten => 100,2,Dial(Zap/2)


so at the moment the inbound calls are forwarded to

if i replace the first line of the dial string with EXTEN =>10,1,SetMusicOnHold(USA)

USA is class in the “musiconhold.conf” which points at a directory within var/lib/asterisk

does all sound correct?