Different Music_on_hold while Ringing and "On Hold" for Queue

I want to setup MoH with 2 different songs. First would be something like “Welcome + Music”, and second would be just the default hold music.

I want to set first to play when ringing, and second when “On Hold”. I can do this for Dial application, using the “m” option.

same => n,Dial(PJSIP/${CALLED},20,m(custom)tTIi)

This plays custom music on ringing and default music on Hold. Since there is no “m” option for Queues, how can I get different music on hold while ringing and while “on hold” ?

If I remember correctly, MoH configured for the queue itself only applies whilst the call is in the queue.

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That’s true. Sorry I got mental blocked and it was trivial. Thank you.