SPA3000 and asterisk

I know this is a digium site, But I wanted to know if somebody have configured SPA3000 to link wiht asterisk. How am I going to make an outgoing/incoming calls using SPA3000. DO I have to set-it up with other configuration files.What are the config files to edit? Please advise on this. Thank you very much in advance.

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configuring SIPURA3000 will not be different than a digium card because
both use the same zaptel driver.

first you have to specify what port types(FXO or FXS) your card has inn
If you have port 1 as FXO and 2 as FXS then assuming your location is
us this is the minimum configuration in /etc/zaptel.conf


Second configure /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf
refer … onf.sample

Third configure the dialplan for your need
refer … sions.conf

zaptel.conf is needed for configuring the zaptel driver to let the driver
know the ports that you will use. The driver already knows to detect
if the port is fxo or fxs but sometimes you need to use only fxo so
you confiure such requirements here.

zapata.conf is used by the asterisk zaptel channel driver to find
out the details of the port/channel you have configured and the dialplan
context for the channel.

The diaplan(extensions.conf) has the DigitMap that lets you customize your


que ??? a sip device uses the zaptel driver ?

i’ve configured an SPA3000 with Asterisk before and once was enough. perhaps it’s the fact that i’m in the UK and CallerID etc are different here, but it wasn’t pretty. it works though, and per-port, works out a fair bit cheaper than an TDM11B i would think.

search the forum for SPA3000 or head over to voxilla and use the wizards they have there to get configured.

I am talking about this device
Its an ATA at first glance.

forget my previous post

This link looks good