Working with Zaptel

I’m about to setup an Asterisk instance which will be using PSTN termination locally with Zaptel and Digium hardware, and was wondering about some things.

My experience is limited to VoIP with IAX termination providers, so i’m not sure what to expect when using zaptel.

Lets say I have 1 number through a standard phone line, is the below what I need?

  • TDM400P with 1 FXO module.

So I plug the phone line from the wall into the FXO port in the asterisk box and as long as I have compiled with zaptel and everything, it should be able to be integrated?

If someone has a similar small setup using zaptel, would they mind posting their zapata.conf and extensions.conf?


1 fxo port is what you need for interfacing with a pstn line.

You need to have the zaptel modules as well as the tdm kernel modules compiled and loaded.

  • you need to configure zaptel.conf and zapata.conf

If you are planing to use old analog phone you shuld buy TDM400P with one FXO and one FXS module. In FXS you will plug old analog phone.

That card you can buy as Asterisk Developer’s Kit PCI - $195.