Sound not playing after 1.8 to 13 update


I recently updated the asterisk from 1.8 to 13

I installed asterisk 13 and then moved all the old custom files from 1.8 to 13.

Now in asterisk 13 below lines are not creating any output, its not playing any sound.

same => n,Set(minrt=12586)
same => n,Playback(num:${minrt},say)

is the way of implementing is changed ??

thanks in advance.

Do you have a file named 12568 in your sounds directory in a valid format?

What is the message on the console when you attempt to call your Test extension?

What is exactly the name of the file you want to play an does the file exist in a valid format.

The Playback() application loads a sound prompt from disk and plays it to the caller, ignoring any touch tone input from the caller. The first parameter to the dialplan application is the filename of the sound prompt you wish to play, without a file extension. If the channel has not already been answered, Playback() will answer the call before playing back the sound prompt, unless you pass noanswer as the second parameter.

The files that are supposed to be played are numbers and characters.
same => n,Playback(num:${minrt},say) should use say.conf to identify the files and play them.

eg if minrt=9 it shoule play the file (aaa is the extension of file)

eg if minrt=123456 it should play 1 hundred 23 thousand and four hundred sixty five
the same files and the say.conf was working in asterisk 1.8.

I understand if the file / the format was not correct i should have received error in CLI output.

but i dont see any output for Playback(num:${minrt},say)
I think the entire statement is getting skipped.

I can post the say.conf and extensions.conf if required.

what could be going wrong here ??

wow it took more then a month to approve my post ??

I don’t know what happened, but 40 or 50 posts suddenly crawled out of the woodwork. I suspect they put the forum into a moderated mode because of the Korean spammer that kept creating new accounts, and something must have gone wrong the process for letting through legitimate traffic.

I am still kind of stuck with this issue.
any one has any idea??