Sound files in 1.2.1 are clipped -saw fix in 1.4.1?

I have asterisk updated to most recent 1.2.x versions including sound files to remove some chop in sound files hopefully.
I had downloaded some ulaw sounds that were really choppy at the beginning. So, I got rid of those and had just the gsm. This helped a lot, but the month and day files still have clip/chop at the very beginning as if the sound files were not made properly.

monday march thirteenth
sounds like
…onday …arch thirteenth
where the … are pops/clicks that render parts too distorted to understand.

I saw note by Kevin Fleming that the sound files were fixed in 1.4.1. … 21797.html
Should I remove my sound package completely, then reinstall it? (how?)
Can I use these for version 1.2.14?
Where do I get 1.4.1 sounds, I don’t see a link for the tarball?

thank you

the sound files are now downloaded as part of the make (install). the location of the files is in the /sounds/Makefile …

thank you! :laughing:

I have tried the new asterisk sound files, voice vector, and the astlinux files. I tried the old 1.2 sound files as well. I have used pstn, sip and iax2. I have used different voip carriers. I have used weekends and nights when my LAN traffic was nil. I have compared changes side by side in time. What I have determined over months of experimenting is this.

The sound files are very loud, especially at the begining. This is ok on a zap channel - it just sounds loud. However, it clips on all my VOIP calls. Since some sound files are quit short, comprising a single word, it is hard to understand them and causes lay listener complaints.

I was able to take some wav files and modify them in audacity. A simple fade in technique took care of this beautifully. I have not figured out how to modify other sound formats yet.

=> My thoughts.
Is there a way for the 1.4 sound files to have improved fade in? It will make announcements over voip much better.