Asterisk Server Playback Garbled - After upgrade

I recently upgraded from 1.4.9 to 1.4.11. Upon doing so, calling voicemail, or any IVR sounds all garbled and not good. I rolled back to 1.4.9 and it works fine.

I then downloaded 1.4.10 and and same thing. The playback sounds sound horrible. After first I thought it was codec related so I switched my g.729 to g.711. Same thing. I also downloaded the ulaw/g729 versions of all the sounds in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds and no luck.

Anyone have any ideas. Is there something I have to do more than just a ‘make install’ after installing a new version? I don’t want to do the ‘make samples’ cause I don’t want to overwrite my config.



Anyone have any ideas? I just went ahead and rolled back to 1.4.9 and gave up on .11 for now.

I am experiencing the same above however I installed samples also, if any one has solution let me know, if more info is needed let me know also. Thanks. I am running asterisk on fedora core 6 with free pbx 2.3.0. Only changes made after upgrade were to zaptel.cfg Thanks! I do not want to roll back to 1.4.9 but if I have to I will. Thanks again!

bump…I can’t believe noone else is seeing this. I upgraded a second asterisk box running on slackware and same thing. Seems the recordings or the playback of records is messed up after 1.4.9.


My solution was to reconfigure my zaptel drivers read… and All seems to be going well except for the darn segmentation faults that happen every so often.

Hope this helps!

Ok that worked for a couple days but now its back. Back to the drawing board for me. Any suggestions??

i gave up. I"m on 1.4.9 :frowning: Is there any other forums that people are more responsive? This the first problem I have reached out for help on.

FYI…I just upgraded to 1.4.15 and did not see this problem. So I just went from 1.4.9 -> 1.4.15 with a fresh compile.