[SOLVED]transfert for Agent Problem

Hi, sorry to bother again, but I losted a lot of time on this problem :frowning:.

I read the following pages :
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … tures.conf
voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … +cmd+Queue

and made this conf files :

[ featuremap ]
blindxfer => #1                 ; Blind transfer  (default is #)
disconnect => *0                ; Disconnect  (default is *)
;automon => *1                  ; One Touch Record a.k.a. Touch Monitor
atxfer => #2                    ; Attended transfer
;parkcall => #72                ; Park call (one step parking)
exten   => 140,1,Answer()
exten   => 140,n,Queue(queue_agent_1000|Tt)

A agent logged in (listened the MOH), and a client dialed the 140. The bridge is done, and the agent press the β€œ#2” keys, heard the voice and try to dial a number but, at the first dialed number, there is a error :

WARNING[15004]: res_features.c:781 builtin_atxfer: Did not read data.

I increased some timeout variables but nothing do the trick.

Have someone an idea ?

  • edit : the agent press the β€œ#2” keys and not anly β€œ#”

It was indeed an bad diaplan building : in the agent context (a specific context for the agent login in), there was no reference to my phone numbers.
The β€œinclude” was done sooner before this specific extension.