BLIND Transfer failing from a queue

In features.conf:

atxfer => #6 ; Attended transfer
blindxfer => #7 ; Blind transfer

In the following scenario it works great for both atx/blind:

When a call comes to Asterisk, simply Dial(SIP/xxxx||t)

In this scenario when a call is first answered by Asterisk with the following command, it does not work so great:


I have interface SIP/1234 as a member of the queue (using dynamic agents).

Using ‘t’ parameter for the queue application, that should force asterisk to stay in the rtp stream. ATTENDED TRANSFER works great. When pressing #6 for attended, it prompts ‘PBX TRANSFER’ and gets sent to the correct context along with the extensions dialed by the agent.
However, when I press #7, I get the ‘PBX TRANSFER’ prompt, but any keys I entered afterward is ignored. I see in the trace, the call is sent to the right context but the digits dialed is not sent with it … I am rather confused why attended transfer should work from a call coming out of a queue and blind transfer does not …

I have tried different end points from using Cisco 79XX to other devices and the result is the same. Asterisk ignores DTMF if I use BLIND TRANSFER. This only happens with calls coming out of a queue. As mentioned I tested and my call transfers (both atx/blind) works fine if i use the dial() with the ‘t’ flag.

Please help! I never noticed this odd behavior before. … 31257.html This guy here seem to be having the same problem. Let me know if I hae left anything out crucial to help find out what the problem is. Thanks in advanced!!

AFAIK attended transfer will behave like blind, It does on my systems. so just use attended and hangup should work fine

Does seem odd that attended work but blind doesnt though.


I just want to add one more thing …

If I perform an ATTENDED TRANSFER first to another extension.
The agent receiving the transfer CAN INITIATE A BLIND TRANSFER successfully and all further agents can continue to perform blind transfers

EDIT: I understand the part about ATX can work but in some call center, they wish to have both features distinguishly available. I can see some reasons why blind transfer is still desired but definitely need to find a fix.

I am using Asterisk ABE-B.1-3:46118. Can someone see if they can duplicate this behavior on this same version? I opened up a ‘bug’ ticket with Digium. Also, if anyone with version 1.4, can you see if this bug is present. Please use dynamic agents in your queue also to keep all the variables the same. I don’t use the module.


musiconhold=ARSDemo ;MOH class.
strategy=rrmemory ;strategy for selecting available agents.
servicelevel=60 ;target seconds for a call to be answered by an agent.
timeout=20 ;amount of time agent will be rung before moving on to next agent.
retry=5 ;amount of time to pause before cycling through agents again.
context= ;context to jump to if caller presses single digit. Call will jump to extension of digit pressed by caller.

I noticed this problem only happens when I enter something in the context=

It screws it up. Does anyone know why using this field when defining a queue would mess up BLIND Call Transfer? (and not ATTENDED XFER)


Just an update on this thread and working with digium, we found that we were using a _. wildcard matching and that caused havoc. We changed it to _X. in the phone’s context and that fixed this whole issue.