Transfer Call Don't work with auto answer (agents pool)

I discovery a new bug in Asterisk 15.1.3, When peer is a AgentLogin of Queue, Any call received he cant transfer, The asterisk dont understand DTMF features,

The test was did:
Queue(“PJSIP/TRUNKTEST-00000015”, "4025,hHntT)

The peer 4025 press “#” for transfer and dont work, if press “*” for hangup and dont work too

PS: In asterisk 1.8 work fine.

Anybody did pass this situation,

The agent channel needs to enable the DTMF features using the dtmf_features option of the CHANNEL function [1] before it gets logged into the pool. This blog post [2] provides an example of setting the DTMF features before the channel logs into the pool.



Perfect, before AgentLogin, I set this:


And Works!

Thank you very much.

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