[Solved!]Right to voicemail

I hope someone can help me out here. I am new to Asterisk, just set up an asterisk@home box with 2 extensions no outside line yet, just in the house. I hope to use it as a psuedo intercom system to start then add Vonage or a pots later. eg. wife can call the basement from the kitchen with out screaming down the laundry cute (God thats getting old!). The problem is when I call one extension from another (x2000 from 2001 or vice versa) I get a a niice lady telling me that “The person at extension XXXX is on the phone to leave a VM”. Clearly this isn’t the case as I have both phones in my lap at the time. Friend of mine has the same problem, so I’m guessing its common, but I can’t find anything related to it. Hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance

I remember facing similar problem like this. Can you check whether Net::Telnet perl module is installed in your asterisk box?

I also believe you are using AMP for configuring extensions,etc.


Checked it and I did load net::telnet but still it goes right to VM. I am using AMP to setup the system

Thanks a bunch for the help. You were halfway there, for anybody else having this problem I found the answer here sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php? … _id=420324

basically aah doesn’t load the Net::Telnet or Asterisk::AGI on install so you have to do it manually. Finally my wife won’t have to scream down the laundry chute to ask me something! ahh beer in the workshop for all!