[solved] Please allow older posts to be searched

Thanks for going to the effort of providing this support forum, it has been helpful with many asterisk related questions.

Some older posts were not indexed in the internal search, but the admins were kind enough to index them.

After further reflection, perhaps there is a time limit to the relevancy of a post, sorry about the reactionary editorialization.

Use site:forums.digium.com on Google.

[quote=“cuban_cigar”]A wealth of post information seems to be gone from the search feature.

Dynasties of solved issues are now essentially gone, and so with them all the effort and time spent.

Why take that from the support community?[/quote]

Bwahahaha, you’ve figured it out! We’ve actually modified the phpBB search capabilities to HIDE all relevant posts made in the past. It’s devious!


or, we haven’t, and the results you’re getting from the search box up there are a function of what phpBB returns based on the standard search function that ships with phpBB.



No Malcolm it seems he is correct, The forum does have all the posts, BUT search only seems to go gack to 2009 for example I posted on rtcp in 2006 and that post will not showup in a search, but will if you look at all my posts .

This is sad and may explain why more and more people are asking things again.

At least it goes back 3 years, Digiums engineering cant even remember thisngs from a couple of weeks ago… :wink:

Now that’s something to be looked into. Something that’s happened; where Digium isn’t actively trying to cause havoc.

Weeks? It’s like “50 First Dates” around here. :wink:

rebuilding phpbb search indexes now, will take a while, to see if that has any impact on results

And, as it’s in process, I see search results back to 2005 now. Still a couple of hours till it’s completed its indexing.

Looking good… :smiley:

Yay :smile: