[solved - many thanks] voicemail context

I recently attempted to create separate contexts in my voicemail.conf file to separate voicemail storage on the server. Previously, I had all voicemail configured under the [default] context.

I tried to create multiple contexts (ie, [company1], [company2], etc.) and asterisk didn’t know how to deal with this. The directories did not get created in the \var\spool\asterisk\voicemail directory and asterisk of course complained about not being able to find them.

I read that this was supposed to work.

I believe it creates it the first time it gets a VM (I may be wrong on this). Also when setting the VM box are you doing BoxNumber@context ?

You are right - it did create the mailbox upon first usage. Only caveat I see at this time is that the message waiting indicator on my phone no longer flashes. We use cisco 7960s. any idea on that?

in sip.conf you have to put mailbox=exten@context…