VoiceMail Problems

I cannot get the voicemail feature to work. In the extensions file I am using the following entry:

exten => 8500,1,VoicemailMain(@crossroads)

in my sip.conf the following lines are added:


in my voicemail file we include the following lines:

2001 => 1313, Home Phone, yves@pegasus.ag

When I call 8500 from my SIP phone, the voicemail system answers and prompt for the mailbox number. I key it in and wait for about 4-5 seconds before the system prompts for the password. Then it take as few seconds before I it says that my password is invalid.

The messages on the console show that the context is crossroads. The final message on the console states that it “could’t read username”.

I observed that no folder exist for the crossroads context with the /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail folder.

It appears like the mailbox is not created. Please tell me what I am doing incorrectly.

I am using SVN-branch-1.2-r48053. I am new to Asterisk.