[SOLVED] Chan_mobile not receiving SMS

Hello everybody.
I’m not receiving text messages in my installation.
I’ve got Asterisk 11 over Centos 6, built from source with CHAN_MOBILE.
Bluetooth adapter and mobile phone are listed as “fully supported” in this page:


  • MSI BToes 2.0 EDR Micro Dongle
  • Nokia 6230

I can place and receive voice calls without any problems (this is fantastic, thank you *Developers and supporters). I can also send text messages using the MobileSendSMS application.

[color=#4000BF]CLI> mobile show devices[/color]
ID Address Group Adapter Connected State SMS
Nokia 6230 00:13:FD:07:11:A2 1 blue Yes Free Yes

If I stop Asterisk and do a
[color=#4000BF]rfcomm connect /dev/rfcomm0 00:13:FD:07:11:A2 1 &
where 00:13:FD… is my phone hardware address, i get the correct responses to the AT commands, eg.:

+CMGR: “REC READ”,"+3936080xxxx","13/09/24,20:11:20+08"
You are a Playboy! :wink:

All the prerequisites seems to be met! Then I log on the CLI with an “asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvvv” and send a Sms to the mobile phone. The

[from-mobile] exten => sms,1,Verbose(${SMSTXT}) exten => sms,n,Hangup()

context should be triggering the Verbose application! But I still can see no messages in the console nor in the logs.

My “almost working” CHAN_MOBILE.CONF:


[Nokia 6230]

Does anyone has a clue?

Note: renamed the device

[Nokia 6230]



just in case that ugly space broke things up, but NO LUCK

I would like to help you but first i need to play around with the chan_mobile. Do you have any guide o tutorial that you follow for make this to work. That you can share

Hi Ambiorixg12.
This worked for me:
hasnainali.wordpress.com/2013/02 … an_mobile/

BTW I’ve found that this particular phone isn’t 100% compatible with the AT commands sent by chan_mobile.so. It starts to work @100% if i delete all the sms stored on the phone. Otherwise the AT+CMGR=x command tries to read a non-existing sms…

This is a well known issue!

code.google.com/p/asterisk-chan … ail?id=137


For connection between your Nokia and Asterisk is necessary to connect your Nokia via bluetooth with your pc ?

Or how communication between asterisk and your phone?