SMS trough chan_mobile

I have one big pleasure…
I have installed FreePBX distro with asterisk 1.8 and run chan_mobile with two old Nokia 6230i - named GATE1 and GATE2 connected via bt1 and bt2 (incoming and outgoing calls workz perfectly).
But I’m trying to sending and recieving sms via theese phones, but I need to have it via for example Playsms (web based gateway) or somethink like this, I tried install Ozeki sms but it is for big yearly fees…
I had install a PlaySMS on local host and it working, but I don’t know how to connect it via chan_mobile (maybe trough Kannel or SmsTools?).
Is here some regullar way? Please help… I’m trying it about one month and this is one of my last tryies. :cry:

Really thank you for your answers,