chan_mobile - no Audio (Asterisk + bluetooth + chan_mobile)

Hi people!

I installed Asterisk (from Trunk Asterisk SVN-trunk-r76213) and the chan_mobile for to use Asterisk + Bluetooth.

My Asterisk has dialed normally ( Dial(mobile/mycellphone/99999999) ), but I don’t have audio.

Anyone can help me?


Moacir O. de Souza Junior
Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais - Brasil

please post more info:

  • kernel version and bluetooth libs version
  • mobile phone type

Same problem

Bluetooth libs: 3.22
Nokia E60

I can dial and receive calls but, no audio.

yeah im having a problem with incomming mobile calls ( cellphone > asterisk) during asterisk’s echo test i dont hear anything but when i pickup the cellphone and press menu option headset , it works its weird should i maybe add a double entry to make asterisk the headset? aswell?

i might add i have a nokia 6822 and when connected to asterisk via bluetooth a little headset icon apears

*CLI> mobile show devices
ID Address Group Adapter Connected State SMS
OmgHax 00:11:9F:2E:A2:27 1 logitek Yes Free Yes

digging deeper via voicemail test brings this lil error

[Nov 21 18:36:21] WARNING[22698]: app.c:664 __ast_play_and_record: No audio available on Mobile/OmgHax-32bb??

outcalling works like a champ