Softphone set to have two interfaces

We use a softphone that is set to have two interfaces. Two incoming calls can be accepted, ringing on two lines on the softphone. The first line is for calls coming from queues. The second line is like a “bat phone” emergency line that should take precedence over any queue call (agent will place caller from queue on hold, take the second line call, when done, go back to the queue call).

For some reason this was not an issue back in Asterisk 1.4 with the AgentCallBackLogin() function. Since that function no longer exists, we have moved to dynamic queue members in Asterisk 18. The issue I am running into is that queues are calling both lines (because the softphone has two lines), so the agent is getting two calls from queues.

What can I do to make Asterisk queues only believe there is one line on the agents phone, keeping the second line open for direct calls only (or non queue calls)?

A second question, is wrap up time is only on queued calls. Is there a way to apply some sort of wrap up time from a direct call on line #2, so that when the call is over, no queue call going to line #1 (which has long passed its wrap uptime) connects right away?

There’s not really enough information. It’s all dependent on how you have it configured and written. If you have it dialing a Local channel, then it would be your dialplan logic that is dialing both lines.

My issues above have all been resolved by setting the queue parameter “ringinuse = no”

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