[Queues] 2 calls for 1 agent. How?


For my work as a freelancer I have the problem that sometimes more people are trying to reach me by phone. I dediced to use Asterisk so I can use queues.

It works great, but I can’t get it working to see when a second caller is trying to reach me when I’m already on the phone.

The scenario: I login as an agent of the queue (with AgentCallbackLogin). When a caller comes into the queue, my phone is ringing and I can answer it. My phone had the option to accept more than one call at the same time, which is great because I can see it when someone else is trying to reach me. But with the queue-function it doesn’t work: Asterisk keeps saying that I’m “busy”.

My sip.conf:

[quote][201] ; Username
callerid=“Rick” <201>

My queues.conf:

maxlen = 0
joinwhenempty = no
leavewhenempty = strict
announce-frequency = 0
announce-holdtime = no
autofill = yes
ringinuse = no
member => Agent/201[/quote]

I’ve tried anything, change the autofill and ringinuse options, the call-limit function, but nothing seems to work. The log still tells me:

This is only when the ringinuse-function is set to “no”.

CLI shows:

[quote]*CLI> show queue Bezet
Bezet has 1 calls (max unlimited) in ‘ringall’ strategy (0s holdtime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 0s
Agent/201 (Busy) has taken no calls yet
1. SIP/202-b7010b58 (wait: 0:05, prio: 0)

*CLI> show agents
201 (Rick) logged in on SIP/201-09eb6360 talking to SIP/202-b700a3c8 (musiconhold is ‘default’)
1 agents configured [1 online , 0 offline][/quote]

When I hangup, my phone rings directly for the second caller.

Is there a way to tell Asterisk that he can put the second call to my phone, so I can see that someone is waiting?

I hope that someone can help me!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Maybe my question is a little bit long, so I’ll ask it shortly:

Is it possible to ring a SIP extension when it is busy, using queues?

I’m using Asterisk 1.4. I hope someone can help me with it. Thank you very much in advance!

In queues.conf, “Bezet” queue, try change





Marco Bruni


Thanks for your reply!

The ringinuse function doesn’t seem to make sense, I’ve tried it again but the only difference is that the CLI doesn’t say “app_queue.c:2158 wait_for_answer: No one is answering queue ‘Bezet’ (1/0/0)”. But still my phone doesn’t ring so I can’t see is there’s someone waiting in the queue.

In sip.conf, for the phone “201”, try comment the “call-limit” line.


Marco Bruni


Thanks again, but it’s without result too. I’ve tried anything with these variables but the CLI keeps saying that the agent is busy:

[quote]*CLI> show queue Bezet
Bezet has 1 calls (max unlimited) in ‘ringall’ strategy (0s holdtime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 0s
Agent/201 (Busy) has taken no calls yet
1. SIP/202-b7004af0 (wait: 0:26, prio: 0)[/quote]

Try call the phone’s extension (without using the queue) to see if it accepts more than one simultaneous call, if not check the phone’s configuration.


Marco Bruni

Yes, that works. Even if I’m calling and someone enters the queue, my phone is ringing. But when I’m on the phone with someone from the queue, it doesn’t work anymore because my extension is “Busy”. And that’s why my phone will not ring.

But there must be a way to make this possible, don’t you think?

what you want to do kind of defies the rules of ACD queuing… by nature ACD is designed to hold calls in a queue if you are on the phone until you hang up then you are presented with the new call…

it sounds like what you want would be more of a screen-pop application that would show you when a call enters your queue…

otherwise only thing i can think of would be to create a menu for your caller to go to… so if they ring your phone and you are on it… the call would go to another menu allowing the caller to hold for you or leave a voicemail for you to call them back… if they want to hold you could park them… and use “meter maid” or such to monitor the parking lot where calls are holding for you… once you hang up you could grab the call from the parking lot…

Thank you very much for your reply, Christopher!

I think your idea of the screen-pop application would be great. Is there a special package you can recommend?