Problem using Queue and Sip Soft


We’re working with asterisk 1.2.0, hardware sip phone (Thomson st2020 by example), and sip soft like “x-ten” or “snom 360” (who can both manage many lines). We are also using the queue with round-robin strategy and dynamic members.

When the hardware phone is busy, the call is redirected to another phone within the queue members (I think it’s normal). But when using a sip soft, it always receive the calls on the others lines even if he is busy and other members are free… Parameters like call-limit or incominglimit have no effects

How could we arrange this problem ? We want to use a sip soft and have the possibility to do attended transfer

Thanks for the help. It’s very important

Nobody have already had the same problem ???

If someone use sipsoft to answer queue and doesn’t have this problem, it would be friendly to help me… (Which sipsoft ? which config files? …)


we are having the same issue with both asterisk 1.2.1 and 1.0.7 - dynamic agents receive multiple incoming calls.

we implemented SetGroup/CheckGroup on the 1.0.7 box, and that seems to have helped, but when the queue gets extremely backlogged, the system will route calls to agents that are already on a call.

we are trying to work with Digium to find the root cause, and they have suggested going to a single line version of eyebeam, but that will not work as our reps need to have more than one outbound line.

i know eyebeam 2.0 is supposed to have a call waiting disable feature, which would be PERFECT for our problem, but we’d also like to develop a solution in the dialplan if possible.

We also have hardphones (Polycom IP 500’s) and they will receive multiple incoming calls as well, so I believe the root issue to be Asterisk’s handling of multiple lines…it seems as though the system doesn’t look at the device, but rather the line when determining if the agent is busy…

something to chew on, i suppose - i will post back here with any further developments, and if anyone has any suggestions as to a solution, please let me know!


Hi, I’ve got a few questions :

How could you implement SetGroup/CheckGroup in a queue system ?

Is this problem considered as a bug by digium ? Will they try to fix it rapidely ?

Do you know were can I get a demo version of “eyebeam 2.0” ?


[quote=“jsirbu”]Hi, I’ve got a few questions :

How could you implement SetGroup/CheckGroup in a queue system ?


No idea, but I did find a post on the digium mailing list where some guy patched his queue.c to include SetGroup/CheckGroup - I think I emailed him but never got a response. I think this feature SHOULD be a part of the queue logic, or at least have some sort of call checking functionality. Perhaps it’s more of a fundamental problem than just adding some logic to the queue application, more that there needs to be some sort of “status” indicator on the server to indicate if a multi-line phone already has a line open, etc.

See this - … ventsystem for more of what I’m talking about on that.

No idea, and I suppose it depends on the exact situation as stated above

Do you know were can I get a demo version of “eyebeam 2.0” ?

It hasn’t been released yet. Eyebeam 1.10 is the most current version - head over to if you want a demo - I think there is one somewhere.