SoftPhone not registering on Asterisk Server from UAE


I am new to asterisknow i have configured a server for my client and i have tested connecting over internet in my city and it works fine. No problems at all.

But when i try to connect to the asterisk server from the UAE over the internet it does not register the extension with my server. There probably are some policies configured in the internet service of UAE.

How to pass through and enable the remote client to register and make calls through my asterisk server?? The server is located in Karachi, Pakistan.

Note: with the same set of settings i have registered and tested making calls over the internet within my country and its working perfectly fine.

Please i need a solution to this problem if any one can help.



Hi If you have a google for “voip problems in UAE” you will find whta you are looking for.

a vpn tunnel should help, But keep in mind the legal aspects of what you are doing.


Also from my experience VPN overhead can degrade voice quality a lot. SIP signalling is just fine, but RTP packets (voice) will suffer from latency caused by VPN encryption/decryption.

Use IAX extension instead of SIP and you would be fine. UAE has not got to blocking IAX yet!!

first of all thanks for your replies…

Here i want to add one more thing… i connected to the desktop of the client remotely to set up things myself i tried “trace route” to my router it connected to my router and showed the proper route… but when i atempt to register the softphone it giver error… then i triedto open the web interface of my router from the clients PC it didnt work… As i also observed that the route is being traced but the interface page of my router is not opening as well…

Im telling all this cuz may be there is any other issue in addition to the blocking of SIP protocol…

Awaiting your suggesstions…


bro i have tried IAX it got me connected but the voice is very very low not able to hear… im using Zoiper… is this a problem with the softphone or have to make changings in the configuration… any suggestion for this…



awaiting any suggestions…


Poor quality may well be an issue, check your codecs and also chect the rtt between you and the server. aslo set up a call and do a iax2 show netstats