Open vpn with asterisk

Well, first of all say that I am new and this is my first thread, in advance thanks for the help you can give me …

I have an asterisk server with vicibox, currently it works fine for local network, I need to use a remote extension, for this reason add pfsense to create a vpn, the vpn is working fine, from outside I can enter the asterisk without problem, but when I try to register the x-lite softphone with vpn does not register and I get “error 408 request timeout”

in my sip.conf

localnet = / - local network

localnet = 10.35.xx.xx / - the range of my vpn tunnel

in iptable add the ip of the vpn in the UDP and RPC protocols

Any idea why it is not registered, how can I know if the asterisk is getting the request?

To see if it is getting the request, enable the channel technology debugging option for the channel driver you are using.

A wrong localnet setting won’t prevent Asterisk accepting the registration, and I don’t think it will stop the response getting through,either. Things shouldn’t break until an actual call.

Although it is possible that Asterisk works with masked out bits set, it is safer to use and 10.35.xx.0/

“Enable the channel technology debugging option for the channel driver you are using”

where can I enable that option, sorry I don’t know

David551 Thanks for answering … I already activated the logg and from the vpn no registration of the extension appears, from the local network if it appears when it connects.

In my firewall I see the traffic from the vpn 10.35.xx.x through port 5060 UDP but when it perishes, the server is not listening. I have a simcard getway configured on port 5060

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