Softphine to Asterisk to PSTN -advice needed

Hello All,

I want to learning about Asterisk, but have not done any hands on as yet.

I need your advice base on this scenario:

I am using a free voip service to make PC to PC calls, I uses the softphone named X-ilte on my PC with headset.
I am wondering if it is possible to use Asterisk route the incomming calls from X-Lite to PSTN phones.

However, these PSTN phones are not on the same LAN/home, there are at different locations with different telephone numbers in the same city.

To sketch this:

Internet Call -> X-Lite -> Asterisk (my home) -> PSTN Phone (remote)

The PSTN phone is another landline located lets say at my cousin’s home a few blocks away, can Asterisk convert this call from X-lite on my PC and route it to my Cousin’s telephone.

I hope I explained this clearly enough for you all to advise. If you need any clarification kindly reply.

Thanks in advance for all response.

D. Evan