[HELP] Calling a PSTN number from a LAN softphone

Hi, I’m an Asterisk brand new user and I have to configure an entire network. I have a 50-PC LAN and three PSTN lines to connect with (I’ll use a Digium wildcard TDM03B). I have configured asterisk and all the softphone for calling each others, but now I’d like to go outside my LAN, making a phone call from a softphone inside the LAN to a telephone number in the public PSTN. Is there somebody who knows if it’s possible? And, in this case, how can I do that?
Thaks for helping me, I’m new and a little bit confused.

yes that is very possible.

I suppose ur SIP client are at default context. then dialing an external extension to a PSTN will be something like this:

exten => _XXXXXXXX,1,Dial(${EXTEN})

all u have to do is to use ur SIP phone as a regular phone and call out. You might want to configure an extended 9 prefix if you wan. but it is very possible the stufss u want to do.

I am no expert by any standard and have answer to best of my knowledge , hope it helps

Thaks for your assistance. I’ll try your solution.