Pstn to asterisk to voip forwarding(please Help)

2 Everyone.
Currently installed asteriskwin32 on windows xp.
I am having a mtorola voice/data/fax modem.
connected to my pstn line(india) to it along with this i have installed
x-lite(using voip account like like voip buster on it directly).

what i want to do is that

  1. if someone calls my pots line the call get forwarded to my voip user account to a number in nz.
  2. I could also use the pots line for outgoing calls throgh xlite.

i did read the book future of telephony(quite technical) but wanted
a quick remedy.

And to add before this i did some settings(read in forum)
to use my pots line via asterisk via xlite was able to make outgoing by default dial plan(ext 3000) but incoming was not there.

Also is there a thing that u have to get internet on even to log into ur local astreisk extension using X-lite :question:

Please help! Explain step by step

Thanks in advance

I don’t think you can do that kind of thing for an analog phone line. Well, you can write a program that answer the phone then do the analog conversion and repacketize them again to feed asterisk.

The best alternative I can see is through the GSM network using chan_gsm_bt, otherwise you need a trunk in from local telco or find a local VOIP provider.

Thanks for the reply dude.
As far writing of the program goes i am still new.Gsm alternate wont work
neither we have a voip provider(dids) in india cauz of regulatory environment.

But not yet lost the hope will be googling to find the answer.
Anyway thanks for the help