SMS over ISDN w/ Bintec R1200 IP Router


I was wondering if Asterisk (or another solution, if you have one) might fit the following purpose.

We have a Bintec R1200 IP router and we would like to send SMS messages by contacting the SMS gateway of our mobile telephony provider (vodafone) over ISDN through that router.

So, basically, we wanted to write a small script that would establish a connection to the router, and then use the ISDN interface to communicate with the SMS Gateway. However, we’re a little stuck as we do not have that much experience neither with this router’s administration nor with ISDN chains, and it seems that, once the connection to the gateway is established, it doesn’t accept any input data on the link.

Considering we might be doing something wrong, we started to look for already existing solutions and thought Asterisk might support such a thing ?

Thanks in advance for comments.


Asterix resellers how have a way of adding SMS functionality.

Using Multi-Tech’s Cellular modems, text messages can be sent directly from an Asterix PBX.

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thanks for the heads-up, unfortunately the matter is not in my hands any more. I’ll transfer to who it may concern, and they’ll contact you if they’re still on it. but we had settled for another solution in the meantime.