:?: AsterisK:: can it be gateway? please help :?:

in my application i should install one asterisk server to hold a group of VoIP PBXs, on the other hand it must has a gateway to PSTN, and SMS gateway;
the question is:
1- for the PSTN Gateway can it be connected to one line through a modem or i must have ISDN-PRA or some thing else :question:
2- SMS Gateway, do i need an E1 connection with the operator or just a mobile phone SIM card is enough :question:
3- where can i find documentation about this issue specially that i’m new to Asterisk :question:

taking in considration that this is for a smal use and testing only; actually it is my miniProject in my university. :exclamation:

  1. I have heard of some modems working but in general they do not.
  2. Never used SMS with asterisk (out of the US) so I can not comment.
  3. The best way to learn asterisk is through the “book” h6315.com/ast_docs/Asterisk%20TFOT%20v2.pdf