SMS Handling in Queue by agents

Hi i am trying to send SMS in my queue where my agents are available and i intent to receive sms as a agent and this queue is already handling my external support calls is there any possibility to do for this scenario
I can receive external sms on my direct Extension / user but it is not going through in Queue

If you’re asking for an SMS queue mechanism, then app_queue is not it. It just does calls. There’s nothing in Asterisk that does such a thing, but you could write something outside of Asterisk.

Thank your Jcolp for your reply, it means asterisk Queues are only to attend phone calls nor to attend SMS and for this scenario i need to create a separate app where i can handle sms in queues and then send sms to the asterisk user based on pickup agent or user in app Queue. Please correct me if i am wrong

You are not wrong.

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