Email and IM queues in asterisk


I Need to know if anyone has come across a way to route IM’s and emails through the queue feature of asterisk. I believe that I would need to set up an XMPP and or Postfix server that would simulate a call to the queue on the asterisk server. I’m wondering if anyone has had success in implementing this as a feature or if modules exist for integration with Openfire to make this available. Basically I need emails or IM messages coming into a default inbox will simulate a call to an asterisk queue which will ring the available agents phone and when answered will cause asterisk to route the email or IM to the appropriate agent.

Making call triggered by mail could be done using simple scripts.
Main idea - script will check through POP3 or IMAP for new mail and then write call file to initiate call.
Of course there are lot of things like avoiding multiple calls for same new mail.
You can use some text to speech to play mail to agent.
This is not exactly what you want, but is something which worked for me.