Sipura SPA-3000 question

Will this setup work using the SPA-3000???

I would place the SPA-3000 between my Incoming POTS line (the main provider line), and my Distribution System for my home phones.

Basically, I want to be able to plug the Main Incoming POTS line to the SPA-3000, and then the SPA-3000 to the distribution panel.

Would this setup allow me to use all the phones in the house via the SPA-3000? Will this work?

To clarify:

I’m afraid it will not work as you described in your diagram.
You see SPA3000 is a TA and not a splitter. True, it has one FXO port that you can connect to the PSTN, but it has only one FXS port also.

If you want to have 3 or more extensions in your house and one trunk line, you need an asterisk pabx(an old pc will do) and a pci analog card (4 ports, i.e. 1 FXO and 3 FXS) that you can connect to your “distribution panel”

agreed, ver. is right.

however, it is in some cases possible to hack out a VERY VERY basic PBX using the sipura dialplan, this could (if set up correctly which is difficult) let you call between extensions and have all extens ring on incoming calls. Try forums, as i recall they have a section for sipura dialplan hacks…

still recommend you go with * and a handful of ports tho.