Switching to VOIP with A@H

I setup an old Dell with A@H. I want to convert my house to VOIP but my parents don’t want to lose 911. So my plan is to eventually get a cheaper standard phone plan as a backup and get VOIP. I was thinking of ordering a Sipura SPA-3000, will it be able to connect to all the phones in my house or just one? Also with the SPA-3000, after I switch to VOIP can I still be able to configure it so it is posable to dial through the standard phone line instead?

Thanks alot :smiley:

you can use the SPA3K as a gateway to your POTS line and program Asteirsk (as well as the FXS) to route all emergency calls (and what ever else you want) out through the SPA3K. By routing the FXS line directly that way you take Asterisk out of the equation. Depending on what other IP phones you have in the house, you may be able to have them route emergency calls directly to the SPA3K as well, by passing Asterisk - or you can let Asterisk handle it. (And of course you can get a VOIP provider that also provider E911 service as they are all required to now - I think the deadline has hit).

Just make sure that anything you do with emerergency routing is thoroughly understood and thoroughly tested.


Thanks alot. Do I need IP phones or can I just have the SPA3K hooked up to my current analog phones?

you can plug the analog phones into the SPA3K. If you plan on moving the house over - you may want to do a bunch of reading and experimenting to make sure you are comfortable understanding all this. Also - if you plan on simply putting the whole house on ‘one extension’ (on the FXS port of the SPA3K), you may want to consider taking Asterisk out of the picture and have the SPA3K do everything for you. It can connect directly to one or multiple VOIP providers as well as handle the 911 stuff discussed, etc. Probably not as ‘fun’ as playing with Asterisk but a lot more ‘fault tolerant’ if you aren’t really taking advantage of Asterisk. (But you won’t get any carriers who require IAX only connectivity and the SPA3K only talks SIP - but most providers talk SIP).


I personaly do not have an spa3k but from being on the users list for a while a lot of people have had some probelms with it. I would reccomend using a TDM400B. It will help with making configs etc. For your cofiguration you have the main home line come in and go right out. Asterisk can pass all the calls thru to your home line. For out going you set all 911 calls to go out thru the card and the rest thru diffrent providers.