Extensions on same ATA

If I cut the line at my main phone point and make it two gang so I have a separate socket for the wiring around the house and the PSTN line coming in and then connect the wiring around the house port and the FXO port on a Sipura SPA-3000, will I still be able to have different extensions for the phones in different rooms or will everything connected to the SPA-3000 only be able to have one extension.

Good morning, Amit.

Let me see if I understand you correctly… You want to break the PSTN connection coming in to your house and run it to your PBX and then use the telephones in your house as extensions to the PBX, right?

First of all, you would connect the telephones in your house to FXS ports, not FXO ports. The PSTN line coming in to your house would go to the FXO port.

If you take a single cable that runs to all of the phones in your house and connect it to an FXS port, then all of the phones in your house would be on the same extension number. There is no way to separate them (that I can think of) without running separate cables from each phone to your PBX and plugging them into separate FXS ports.

If you have an Ethernet network wired around your house, maybe you can get some inexpensive IP phones and use those, then each can be its own extension.

Thanks for the help, Eric.
I think what i’ll have to to is replace one of the phones with IP phones and use a Granstream Handytone 286 for two of the analogue phones as well as a Sipura SPA-3000 for the PSTN line and the main cordless phone.
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(thanks for highlighting my little fxo/fxs mistake :wink: )