Sipura SPA-2100 and 404 response

I have a sipura spa-2100 that i’ve configured as an extension for asterisk. As far as I know, i’ve configured it correctly (it’s a broadvoice box, so you can only configure line 2 for something other than broadvoice) and while i’m able to make calls from the phone connected to the box, and asterisk is showing it as registered, i’m unable to call the phone - the box returns a SIP 404 response. Any ideas? Has anyone successfully configured one of these boxes as an asterisk extension?

I have seen this problem with my Sipura 2100. It is caused by a mismatched user (i.e., extension number). The caller may be trying to contact, for example:


while the only user defined in the sipphone is 4321.

The best way to diagnose this is by using a packet sniffer such as Ethereal, and capture all the packets to/from the sip phone.


That does seem to have been the problem, looking at the logs, however my fix was quite simple: all i did was a factory reset and reentry of the information, and it worked. Very odd.

Anyway, thanks for your reply Telephony.