[resolved] Sipura 2100

I am almost certain that this question has been asked and answered, but I cannot find it. I have a Sipura 2100 and cannot get it to work with asterisk. Could someone please provide me with a snip from their sip.conf file to show how to make this happen?

Can anyone help here please?

dont have a 2100, but i can suggest the problem might be in the sipura dialplan. also if you post what configs you have and maybe paste what happens on the CLI and/or a SIP DEBUG you will get more help…

I got it to work - I found a recipe for the Linksys PAP2-NA, which is the same as the Sipura.

My sip.conf file:

callerid="Sipura" <9999999999>

Here’s what I have in the Sipura:

Under Proxy and Registration

Proxy - <address of asterisk server>
Use Outbound Proxy - no
Register - yes

Under Subscriber Information - these mapped to what I have in the sip.conf file.

Display - The TN
User ID - The TN
Password - The TN
Use Auth ID - Yes
Auth ID - The TN

The URL for the Linksys config is: