Help please. adding second extention RESOLVED

Ok, Newbie, so please be gentle :laughing:

I am in the process of setting up A@H.
I have two GXP-2000 phones.

I installed the first one, as extention 200 (A) as stated in the instructions.

I have set up the second one, by the same detail, except assigned it a different extention number (B) and different port number.

Now, If I use extention B to call ext. A, it works fine.
but if i use ext A to call ext B, I get a 404 not found error mesg.

Anyone have an ideal where I went wrong?

Thanks for any direction.




bindport=5060 ; UDP Port to bind to (SIP standard port is 5060)
bindaddr= ; IP address to bind to ( binds to all)
context = from-sip-external ; Send unknown SIP callers to this context
callerid = Unknown

#include sip_nat.conf
#include sip_custom.conf
#include sip_additional.conf
#include additional_a2billing_sip.conf

end sip.conf

not sure if you need anything else or not, if so, let me know.

Can you include the SIP definitions for the two extensions? If you set them up with AMP they are in extensions_additional.conf

Using the laterst A@H so it has FreePBX and looking at extensions_additional.conf the only thing related to the two extentions that are set up are as follows.

include => ext-local-custom
exten => 200,1,Macro(exten-vm,200,200)
exten => 200,hint,SIP/200
exten => ${VM_PREFIX}200,1,Macro(vm,200)
exten => 6201,1,Macro(exten-vm,6201,6201)
exten => 6201,hint,SIP/6201
exten => ${VM_PREFIX}6201,1,Macro(vm,6201)

; end of [ext-local]

And thank you very much for your time and reply.



I totally started over, installing a fresh install of *@H.

it all came up and worked this time.

Thanks for the help all the same.