SIP with Asterisk


Can anyone help how to install Asterisk( for windows ) and work with it to do the following.

  1. register with SIP acc
    2.outgoing call
  2. terminate the call.

How do I get SIP acc? I’m total newbie to this s/w, so any help would be great!


You should start reading “the future of telephony” You can download it for free. See:

Try to be more specific with your questions and people will put an effort in helping you out.

I agree that the sort of question you are currently asking should be answered by reading the book. However, be warned that very few, if any, serious installations use Windows, so don’t expect to get much help on Windows specific problems.

Actually I was not even aware of what generally VoIP meant, when I was asked to do the project. As days went by I learnt about VoIp.

My project involves the following:

A person should be able to make a call and once he’s finished terminate the call.

Just for example, lets say that he/she has an skype acc( username and password) and he/she wishes to call another person to his/her mobile/work number or to different account.

How do I do this with Asterisk? Do I need to write any scripts for it? If, YES it would be nice to point me in right direction.

Hope I was clear this time


The book is the right direction.

Oh Thanks, I’m reading the book.

I being a developer got to do this in my system which runs on Windows 2000 NT and give it to my client.

I have a question to ask.

I already have a GnuWin32 compiler running with gcc -4.1.2. So will the 3 below packages be fair enough for me to start working with Asterisk.

Main Asterisk program( asterisk )
Zapata telephony drivers ( zaptel )
PRI libraries ( libpri )

and run the script to work as I expect.

Thanks much!

I didn’t noticed that you are looking for support to get Asterisk running on Windows. AFAIK Asterisk isn’t running on Windows but it is running on virtual machine running on a window box, this still means that you are running it on Linux.

It will be very hard to get support for issues you run into when you try out the bleeding edge Windows way of running Asterisk because it doesn’t really makes a point. After reading the book you will have enough info to give Asterisk running on Linux a try. Good Luck!

I presume it is running under Cygwin, which isn’t a virtual machine, but rather a set of libraries, and tools, that enhance the little known Posix support in Windows to make the environment look more lilke Unix/Linux.

Alright, I just thought of giving a try by running Ubuntu-7.04 on virtual box and it’s up and running.

Now will I be able to work with Asterisk?

If yes, do I need to download all 3 packages as mentioned in my previous reply.

or Just the Main Asterisk Program.


If you are doing a new install, you should use dahdi, not zapata. If you are running on a virtual machine, you are likely to find that anything that requires dahdi-dummy doesn’t work well. If you need dadhi-dummy, you need to run on a real Linux machine. Neither dahdi nor zapata will run on native Windows as they are Linux device drivers.

If you need PRI, you will not be able to run on Windows or on a virtual machine, as you will be using special hardware, for which you need Linux device drivers. You do not need it if you are only using SIP.

How about PBX with flash and just the Main Asterisk program?
Hope I’ll be using only SIP.


I installed Asterisk on ARM with 16 MB flash from them whole 13 usable. But there I installed 1.09 which is very old, extremely compact and easy for cross compiling. And it worked well - one call at the time, but processor worked at 200 MHz.
With 8 or 16 GB flash - you will have no problems for full system. Be aware - it is better if you use processor with math coprocessor. I had hard days installing linux on 486 SX. We got it running but PCB had strange problem and we spent many days investigating where is problem - in software or somewhere else. You will not find any ready installation for 486 SX and you cant check easily if hardware is OK.

Now that I got asterisk installed through Synaptic Package Manager in my Ubuntu-9.04 and Softphone (X-LIte)

What command I need to run on the terminal to check whether asterisk is installed?
Also do I need to write any scripts to make a call, talk and terminate a call.

If YES, how?

Any help would be great!

asterisk -vrc
will connect you to running asterisk. If asterisk not running - then you can start it
asterisk (no output at all - starting as daemon)
asterisk -vc will start asterisk and you will be logged.

You can do all things (you wrote) from dialplan

Yeah guess my asterisk is up and running , but I get below error:

Connected to Asterisk currently running on brat-desktop (pid = 2105)
[Aug 26 16:12:14] WARNING[2289]: chan_oh323.c:4263 oh323_gk_check: Gatekeeper discovery failed.
– Retrying gatekeeper registration.

What’s the difference btw dialplan and sip?