Installing Asterisk and SJPhone on windows 7

Please, this is my first day of trying this out. I downloaded -AsteriskWin32-0.66b-Setup.exe and SJphone-1.65.2637.exe.I installed asterisk, I followed this tutorial on configuring SJphone with asterisk -
but when I tried to dial a number it gives error - SIP failed to register as

auto accept mode is on
no active network interface
What have done wrong?

Asterisk for Windows is based on an obsolete version of Asterisk.

Your problem is probably that both are trying to bind to port 5060. You need to change that for at least one of them.

Please i am just very new, give me step by step of how to go about it. Thanks.

I would strongly advise not installing a Windows port of Asterisk.

You cannot reasonably expect step by step instructions from free peer to peer support, especially as I doubt if any of the experts use the Windows port and they will have forgotten a lot of details about Asterisk 1.2, on which it is based. Also, sjphone is not one I have previously heard of being used with Asterisk, so knowledge of that is likely to be limited.

Please, David, i am not even glued to this previous way I was trying to install it just give me the best options, technologies to use. If it takes me to abadone that.

Use a hard SIP phone, as that will be less hassle than a soft one. If you must use a soft one, use X-Lite - not because it is good, but because it is well known.

You definitely want to run Asterisk 1.8 on CentOS, as the best supported current platform, but, whilst my view is that you should install from source, and configure directly, as that is the best way of really understanding Asterisk, others will suggest using AsteriskNow, because it needs less Unix background knowledge to get something up quickly, although like any GUI environment, it will be limited, and also you will find that few people know a lot about the internals, so you will find it more difficult to get support if things go wrong.

The final choice, though, will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

please DAVID i am basically relying on your professional advise just give me the step by step of how you will get it done if you are the one deploying it. Thanks.

If you want professional advice, you need to use the Jobs forum, and pay for it.