How can i set in a Telextreme sip Trunk?

I have tried, but i am not able to set a trunk for a telextreme sip account!
I am using asterisk now for VMware!

The Telextreme account has the username, the password, but it has the account_username too…

I am able to register it in the sip.conf, but i dont know how to set it as a trunk…

Please, what must i do to get it working?



search for info on sip.conf. Or maybe there is a config example for this provider. or dig up the config example from voip-info for any other provider and sub in the appropriate bits…

What i need is just to set an account AS TRUNK. ** that account is ALREADY REGISTERED and configured in sip.conf **
How can i set that account as trunk in asterisk version 4 ??



** Solved **

Ok, i already got what I need…