Sip trunk provider

Who is a good/trusted sip trunk provider?

Right now I only need one line, dial out only, for testing.

I am not spam or fishing robocalling.

That’s good.

depends also in which country you are…
if it is only for testing, google for a cheap voip-provider

I am in the USA.

Not quite sure how to with the google option…

I know that Skype SIP Connect is one option that is reasonably prices for $6.95 per channel per month. Channel being a single call. However, I’m using gtalk channel driver with jabbber to connect to Google Talk and have create a Google Voice account as well and seem to be able to take multiple calls on the number and make outbound calls to US numbers and all for FREE. The only catch is right now anything past v10.0.1 of asterisk, the Gtalk channel driver is broken.

I also integrated skype using siptosis and stsTrunkConfigurator and have it setup to take up to 3 calls from skype whether they come in via a skype phone number or a skype client. That works pretty well too. Requires an X server running or something like VNC (which is what i use) but works pretty well.

I am running Asterisk on Ubuntu 11.10