Getting a reliable toll free DID trunk for use with Asterisk

I have built an asterisk server and tried to test it using a sip account from gizmo and they are less than impressive as a provider so I decided to just move on to my real goal which is to get a toll free (US based) DID trunk to use with asterisk but after searching google for a provider and wading through countless sites that look like they took 5 minutes to build and have been around for less than a week with broken links, and no customer support numbers or sites that are just supplying forwarding services from a toll free number to an existing phone line, I must say I am at a loss here.

Can someone please assist me in finding a reputable source where I can get a toll free DID trunk that is compatible with asterisk? I need a single channel (1 call at a time) with three toll free DIDs (US based) that can be used to route the calls to a single sip device.

toll free number --> asterisk menu (press 1 for sales, press 2 for support) --> regardless of what option they press it goes to the same sip device but with a different extension number so I can tell what dept the call is requesting.

The only thing I need right now it to get the trunk with three toll free DIDs.

Thanks for helping.

Try link2voip. They are who I use. I have toll free dids and they seem to work fine.

I provide TFN SIP Trunking. You can call me to discuss.

Once the plugging is going you can contact me as well. We have trunking for 800 numbers and regular DID’s as well.

Thanks for the info. I went with voicepulse. They are asterisk friendly with sample sip.conf files to get you up and running quickly with their DIDs.

Thanks again.