‘sip show peers’ command Not showing any registered extentions

Hi All,
I’m running the asterisk server in a docker container, and my sip peers’ configurations are stored in a Postgres database.

I can register my sip extensions to the system and I can make calls through the system without any trouble, but when I’m executing the ‘sip show peers’ command, every time it shows nothing but an empty table without any registered endpoints.

why is that ?

Why are you using chan_sip; it is now less than two months until a version of Asterisk which does not contain it at all is released.

what should I need to use instead of chan_sip?

sip show peers only shows the trunks

sip show registry


cant find module called chan_pjsip in my asterisk server ?, my asterisk version is Asterisk 18.15.1

How did you install Asterisk? A standard install would enable chan_pjsip and disable chan _sip.

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