Error with sip.conf

Hi team,

I have installed Certified Asterisk 13, when I try the sip show peers command, I get the error message: “No such command ‘sip show peers’ (type ‘core show help sip show’ for other possible commands)”. Can somebody please help me?

if you have fresh install asterisk, try to reboot your asterisk box.
or you have misconfigure sip.conf

Looks like you have not loaded the chan_sip module…

Check if exists or run make menuselect again and check if chan_sip is ticked in the Channel Drivers.

Certified disables all modules which are unsupported by Digium/Sangoma, which includes chan_sip. If you want chan_sip you will need to enable building of it in “make menuselect”.

Thanks. It works. This was my mistake