Extensions not showing in 'sip show peers' command


I’m currently running FreePBX v14 with Asterisk v13.17.2.

I have 129 phones that I need to connect to our newer FreePBX system, I’ve connected 2 of them already. The 2 I have connected are showing they are online in the FreePBX dashboard, however, when I go into the Asterisk CLI and type the command ‘sip show peers’ its telling me no phones are connected, and that my 3 trunks are online.

I’m right to think that the command I’m typing in does show not only my trunks but my extensions also?

Any ideas, please.

Asterisk does not have a concept of trunks; all SIP peers are treated alike.

Asterisks concept of extensions only applies to the fixed field in extensions.conf (and equivalents), not to phones on desks.

Is there a command to show all extensions that are either online or offline?

I’ve used Asterisk v1.8 in the past, and when I do the command sip show peers, it shows me all the extensions and trunks and whether or not they are online.


Sip show peers is the right command if your devices are using chan_sip if you are using mixed mode in your FreePBX installation probably you need to run the PJSIP command to show all devices.

Extensions cannot be on or offline, only devices can have such states.

I will assume you mean SIP peers.

Asterisk 1.8 is 2 years beyond final end of life, and three years beyond non-security maintenance life, as of two days ago.

What do you mean by online? Your peers are unmonitored, and presumably have static IP addresses, so Asterisk will have no idea whether they are working.

sip show peers should show you all peers to which you can, potentially, originate calls, although I’m not sure if that applies to Asterisk Realtime Architecture ones. You might want to try sip show users as well, in case FreePBX is doing something strange.

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Whats the PJSIP command please - “pjsip show peers”?

I think is pjsip show endpoints, but use the tab to check the options.

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You are correct, it is pjsip show endpoints. I’m brand new to Asterisk CLI, is there a command to show display names alongside their extension?

Asterisk 1.8 does not contain chan_pjsip.

He uses asterisk V13.