Sip show register empty

Friends, I still use asterisk 13 chan_sip and I came across a situation.
When, for example, I type the command “sip show peer 101200” in some accounts it doesn’t show me any information like: ip, agent, registration time, the fields are empty, if I need to know the ip I can only get it at the time of the call by the command " sip show channels" or by log, is there any solution for this? Thanks and Regards

Neither of these are supported any longer.

Are you, by any chance, using Asterisk Realtime Architecture. There is a lot of lazy evaluation in that, so it is possible that a peer that hasn’t actually been used won’t have any in memory data.

By “agent” did you mean “User Agent”. Either way, a quick skim of the code suggests there is nothing in sip show peer that would output it.

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