SIP Registration fails, port unreachable

We’ve just set up Asterisk on Linux and have added an extension through FreePBX. However, registration of the extension fails. Wireshark shows that Asterisk responds to the SIP REGISTER message with an ICMP message Destination Unreachable (port unreachable). The port is 5060.

On the Asterisk server, I did a netstat -anp | grep 5060 and received no output. I would have expected to see a listening status.

FreePBX shows the Asterisk server status to be OK.

Does some SIP UA service or whatever on Asterisk require starting in order to get port 5060 listening?

Thanks for any tips!


You may want to check the general section of sip.conf and make sure you don’t have “bindport” set to something different (I’m not sure where the option would be in Freepbx). Also, make sure you can connect to the Asterisk CLI (“asterisk -r”).


Thanks very much for the input. We did look around the conf files but didn’t see anything that stood out. bindport doesn’t show up in sip.conf (or any other conf file). A reboot was eventually tried, and that must have cleared something up. We then had a little more tweaking to get the extensions to register successfully. We’re able to make a basic call now.

We are able to get into Asterisk CLI.

Thanks again for the input.